Editor in Chief: Sudhakar Vaidya, DNB(ENT) DLO, India View CV 1

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- Vikas Sinha, MS (India) View CV 2

- P. S. N. Murthy, MS (India) View CV 1,5

- Anirban Biswas, MS Neurotology (India) View CV 3,4

- Ajay Kumar Jain, MS (India) View CV 1

- Abhoya Kar, MS (India) View CV 6

- Jayant Watve, MS (India) View CV

- Gauri Mankekar, MS, DNB, PhD (India)

- Apurva Motiramiji Pawde View CV

- Ashok Kumar Gupta View CV

- Milind V Kirtane, MS (India)

- Achal Gulati, MS (India)

- Vasim Modak MS (KSA - India)

Mid-East Section Editor:

Ahmed Saada, MD, Egypt View CV

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- Essam Saleh, MD - Saudi Arabia View CV

- Hossam Talaat, MD Audiology - Egypt View CV

- Ahmed Hesham, MD - Oman

- Hussain Abdul Rahman, MS - U.A.E.

- Khaled Salem Mesalaty, MD - Libya View CV

- Mohammed Kamel, FRCS - Saudi Arabia

- Hazem Sadir MD - Syria View CV

- Odabasi Onur MD - Turkey

Europe and Eastern Europe Section Editor:

Milan Stankovic, MD, Serbia View CV

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- Manuel Oliva Dominguez (Spain) View CV

- David Bakhos (France) View CV

- Enache Oana-Gabriela (Romania)

United States, Canada, Australia Section Editor

John Houck, MD USA View CV

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- Jerome Thompson, MD (USA) View CV 1

- Steve Wetmore, MD (USA) View CV 1

- Kevin T Kavanagh, MD (USA) View CV

- William Pao, MD (USA) View CV

- Neal Beckford, MD (USA) View CV

- Peter Friedland, MD (Australia) View CV

1. ENT Department Chairman (Head)

2. Dean and ENT Professor

3. Editor Journal of the Indian Society of Otology

4. Past Editor of the Indian Journal of Otolaryngology and Head and Neck Surgery

5. Editor Indian Journal of Otolaryngology and Head and Neck Surgery

6. Editor Orissa Journal of Otolaryngology & HNS

Editorial Team

1. Surabhi Naik

2. Priyanka Patel

3. Rushil Puri

4. Dhaval Bhojani

5. Sameeksha Mishra

6. Riya Jain

7. Pushpendra Patel

8. Suryakant Sharma

 Video Consultation and Editing: Keshav Deshpande

Statistics Consultant: David Walonick, statistics Professor University of St Thomas in St Paul MN

Dharmpal Chauhan, Statistics Professor R.D Gardi Medical College, Ujjain, India

Publisher: Department of ENT & Head-Neck Surgery, R.D Gardi Medical College, Ujjain, India  

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