One Otolaryngologist submitted: Jaggery is a less refined extract of sugarcane produced in cottage industries in the Indo-pak subcontinent. As jaggery is less refined, it also contains some physical as well as chemical impurities in it which have been added during its production. Logically there is a difference in the osmolarity of jaggery and sugar, hence jaggery also has a drying or parching effect on the oral mucosa. Thus, it was concluded that this picture is a case of submucosal haematoma due to jaggery consumption.

This patient may also represent a case of Angina Bullosa Hemorrhagica, a rare and debated disease entity which presents with submucosal hemorragic blisters. The lesions are usually single and heal uneventfully. Many possible causes of ABH have been proposed and jaggery use is compatible with this disorder.

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