Modha Nu Cancer  (English Version)

Dhumrapan thi sauthi vadhre jokham modha na cacer thava nu che.  Daru ane dumrapan sathe karvathi galanu, swarpeti nu, modha nu and ann nali nu cancer thava nu jokham vadhare vadhi jaay che.American society ni aankadakiya mahiti pramne 28,000 nava dardi ane 7,400 maran modhana and gala na cancer thi nondhayela che.

Gala na cancer na dardi je dhumrpan kare che tene aa cancer lasika granthi temaj aagal phelava ni shakyata vadhare raheli che. Jovo Article Ni Nondh

Niche nu chitra New Mexico Dept of Health na dardi nu che jene"jadba-jibh-gala na cancer ni sarvar kareli che. Operaion and kirno no shek aathvato kirno no shek and chemotherapy ni sarvar vadhare swikrut che.

Jamni baju nu chitra ae dardi nu che jeni jadba jibh and gala nu operation thayu che. Hoth ne kapava ma aavyo che ane gala ni chamdi and gaal uncha karvama aavya che.Jadbu, jibh , gala no bhag and talvu tyare kadhi shakay che. *** Chitra ne motu karva mate click karo ***

Jamni baju nu chitra operation thi kadhi nakhelo bhaag che. *** Chitra ne motu karva mate click karo ***

Sarvar karva chata ghana cancer pacha thai sake che. aava dardi ma cancer tena gala moti kharba sathe ni gaanth ni jem thay che.  Aa ganth dhire dhire moti dhamni ne khay ne vadhre lohi vahave che and ochintu mrityu thai shake che.

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